Alaska Cruise Specialists. Call our experts at 800.365.1445 about Alaska cruises and Alaska cruise tours. Comprehensive 2009 Alaska cruise, Alaska cruisetours and Alaska cruise tour destination information. Find discount cruises to Alaska, Alaska cruise tour deals, Alaska cruise reviews and price quotes. Individual, group and mini-group deals on Alaska cruise tours and Alaska cruises.



There remain few places on earth where you can truly breathe. Where space is measured not in feet or miles, but in endless horizons. A place where nature is so powerful, so dramatic, a personal encounter can change you forever. Thrill to white thunder in Glacier Bay, marvel at sunlight at midnight and close-ups of whales, eagles and caribou. Delight in Mt. McKinley's majesty and meadows carpeted with wildflowers. Amid unsurpassed grandeur and serenity, the true wilderness of Denali is calling.

Alaska Cruisetours - Princess Rail Service

Ship to train to Denali, all in one day.

Alaska Cruise Specialists. Call our experts at 800.365.1445 about Alaska cruises and Alaska cruise tours. Comprehensive  Alaska cruise, Alaska cruisetours and Alaska cruise tour destination information. Find discount cruises to Alaska, Alaska cruise tour deals, Alaska cruise reviews and price quotes. Individual, group and mini-group deals on Alaska cruise tours and Alaska cruises. 

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Ship to train to Denali, all in one day - only with Princess


Princess luxury rail cars, Alaska's best rail experience, transport you in style. Following the Alaska Railroad route between Whittier and Fairbanks, the incredible vistas are complemented by tableside beverage service and natural history narratives from our car managers.

There's nothing between you and the wonders of Alaska when you step out to our open-air observation platform. The route from dock to Denali is not only spectacular - it's a National Scenic Byway.
Domed windows are large and provide unobstructed viewing opportunities. Relax and enjoy the ride. Awe-inspiring views of spectacular sights such as the towering Alaska Range, Matanuska Valley, the monumental; bridge that spans Hurricane Gulch, raging rivers and immeasurable forests
Getting to the wilderness of Denali is now quicker and easier. A new exclusive service from Princess allows you to step off your cruise ship in Whittier, onto your Princess railcar and arrive at your wilderness lodge that same afternoon. Or, on southbound itineraries, leave the Denali area and enjoy a direct link to your awaiting cruise ship in Whittier. Fewer transfers and less time waiting makes for a more relaxing and hassle-free trip.

See the Princess Alaska Wilderness Lodges

Wrap-around glass domed ceilings ensure unobstructed views of Alaska's spectacular scenery while you relax and enjoy the full beverage service and informative commentary provided by our on-board Hosts.

Open air viewing platforms allow you to step outdoors for the perfect snapshot or breath of fresh air. Dining choices include an elegant dining salon with picture windows, fine china and a menu of delectable entrees prepared to your order or a bistro car serving delicious snacks and beverages in a more casual setting. Add reserved seating, plenty of legroom and friendly, attentive service and the choice is clear.

Cross mighty bridges

like Hurricane Gulch -

at 265 feet, it's the highest

bridge on the Alaska Railroad.

Two new rail services allow you more time

at Denali exclusively from Princess.

Denali ExpressSM
Direct to Denali. Travel between Whittier and the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge.

McKinley ExpressSM
Direct to McKinley. Travel between Whittier and Talkeetna, then by motorcoach to the Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge

(times are approximate and subject to change)

Princess Alaska Rail Service
Fact Sheet

Traveling daily from May through September between Anchorage, Talkeetna, Denali National Park and Fairbanks, Princess Tours' Ultra Dome rail cars are the most luxurious of their kind. New for 2005, Princess also offers Direct to the Wilderness rail transfers between the cruise terminal in Whittier and Princess Denali-area wilderness lodges.

Mid-May to Mid-September

Tour Packages
Thirty-five cruisetour packages and several rail-and-hotel-only itineraries are available. All cruisetours and rail tours include luxury rail travel and overnight accommodations at the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge or Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge.

Princess rail cars offer full-dome panoramic view, bar service and passenger seating in dome, open-air outdoor observation platforms, full service dining salon with meals prepared to order, circular stairways to upper level, stainless steel self-contained kitchen and wireless public address system. Six cars comply with American With Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, including convenient hydraulic lifts to lower level.


  • Princess rail cars are rated as Alaska's number one rail experience and have set the standard for luxury rail travel in the nation.
  • Princess rail cars feature some of the largest domed windows ever built for a rail car.
  • Princess rail cars offer wide aisles and open-air outdoor observation platforms.

    Total upper level seating for 10 Ultra Dome cars combined = 888

    Princess pioneered luxury rail travel in Alaska with the introduction of the original Super Dome cars in 1984. As the Alaska travel industry grew, Princess introduced the largest passenger rail cars in the world, the Ultra Dome Series I cars in 1988 and the Ultra Dome Series II cars in 1993. Series III cars were added in 1997 and Series IV cars in 1999. Built at a total cost of $14.3 million, these 10 cars will continue to set the standard for luxury rail travel in the nation.

    Anchorage/Fairbanks Schedule (times are approximate and are subject to change)
    Depart Anchorage 8:15 am, Arrive Talkeetna 11:15 am
    Depart Talkeetna 11:25 am, Arrive Denali 3:45 pm
    Depart Denali 4:00 pm, Arrive Fairbanks 8:15 pm

    Depart Fairbanks 8:15 am, Arrive Denali 11:45 pm
    Depart Denali 12:00 pm, Arrive Talkeetna 4:25 pm
    Depart Talkeetna 4:40 pm, Arrive Anchorage 8:15 pm

    Direct to the Wilderness Schedule (times are approximate and subject to change)
    Northbound Cruisetours disembarking in Whittier:
    Denali Express: Whittier -- 8:15am/ Denali -- 5:30pm
    McKinley Express*: Whittier -- 7:15am/ Talkeetna -- 12:15p

    Southbound Cruisetours embarking in Whittier
    Denali Express: Denali -- 8am/ Whittier -- 5:15pm
    McKinley Express*: Talkeetna -- 12:30p/ Whittier -- 5:45pm

    * McKinley Express service uses chartered rail cars with full-view, large domed windows. Operated by Princess staff, the rail service features onboard narration and tableside snack/beverage service plus a bistro car with light fare and beverages.

    Number of staff
    13 full-time and 175 seasonal, with approximately 6 to 8 service staff aboard each rail car.



    THE ALASKAN EXPERIENCE cannot be captured in one single image or moment. For our guests, the journey north is a nonstop odyssey of glorious landscapes, majestic wildlife and exploration of some of the most remarkable points on the planet. And with Princess as your guide, you can count on seeing nothing but the best this amazing land has to offer.


    Up north there's a land without fences. Animals outnumber people, sunlight shines at midnight and nature reigns. Life is different. This northern frontier still boasts pristine landscapes, majestic wildlife and a coastline that is one of the most enthralling waterways in the world. Beyond Alaska's fortress-like glacier walls lie scenic ports of call, treasured national parks, and abundant wildlife. .....and, with more than 1,400 miles north to south and 2,400 miles east to west, Alaska is truly a land of epic proportions.

    Like frozen sentries standing guard along the glistening coastline, these massive bodies of ice offer some of the most spectacular sights and sounds you'll experience on your Alaskan adventure.

    Regularly shedding enormous chunks of ice into the sea, these wonders of nature can be found in pristine Glacier Bay, along the wandering banks of College Fjord, and amid the cascading waterfalls of Tracy Arm - all of which can be savored from the deck of a Princess cruise ship.


    When you consider that one-half of all U.S. national park land is in Alaska, you begin to understand the scope and diversity of this vast expanse. Stretching across a staggering 13.2 million acres, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve may be the largest, but its sister parks share in the beauty and wonder


    Glacier Bay

    National Park
    Set on the state's southeastern coast, this glacier-rich territory is equally abundant in snowcaps, fjords and wildlife.

    Denali National Park

    Mt. McKinley keeps a watchful eye on the caribou, moose, bear and gray wolves that roam this 6 million acre wilderness.

    Wrangell-St.Elias National Park

    The highest coastal mountains in the world can be found here, near the Canadian border in south central Alaska.

    Kenai Fjords National Park

    This rocky southeastern coast of the Kenai Peninsula in south central Alaska is home to more than 100 bird species.

    Gates of the Arctic

    Located north of the Arctic Circle in the Brooks Range, this wide swath of tundra is unparalleled in its beauty.

    Money-Saving Tips

    Form a Group. Save and sail to Alaska!


    Did you know the most overlooked way to stretch your dollar is to form your own Alaska cruise group. Traveling with family or friends,  can lower costs enough so you can travel even when the economies not that good. Of course, most of us don't have the time - or inclination - to make the calls and do the research for an entire group. Group Cruises. Save and Sail To Alaska. Save as much as 70% off brochure rates! 800.365.1445It's a big job. However booking a group cruise is easy for a professional travel agent. Your agent can create a package that works for you, while your group will realize across-the-board savings from group discounts that your agent discovers.


    Get Alaska Group Deals   Step-by-Step Group Planning Guide


    Exclusive Mini-Group Rates for Alaska Cruies and Cruisetours. 2 couples, a family of four or more save.Exclusive

    Mini-Group Rates.

    2 Couples or more extra savings. Families of 4 or more. Save even more!

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    Notes From The Great Outdoors

    "We just finished another incredible 14 day cruisetour itinerary. Now I'm getting ready to help a couple decide which one of 68 cruisetours we offer. I've already heard exciting chatter about our guests seeing more of Alaska and really getting off the beaten path. And believe me, between glacier trekking, biking through Denali National park, and a rail tour on the Wilderness Express, these folks are going to be impressed."

    Bob Andrews, Explorations Coordinator

    Chicago Tribune

    "Book Alaska cruises early, ships are crowded"

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    More "In The News"

    Plan Ahead:  Alaska Cruises and Cruisetours are now on sale   Reserve the best staterooms, balcony views and tours now. Get your best savings by booking early!


    Timing Is Everything: The wide array of cruise lines and Alaska cruisetours that are available create an equally large variety of prices. The lowest fares tend to fall during the months of May, and September, while prices rise substantially  in June, July & August. If you are flexible, you can save money by sailing during May and September.


    Good Deals Go Fast: There are Alaska cruises in May as low as $649 per person for 7 days! Offered on the ships of Princess and Holland America. Of course, they are for an inside stateroom, but at these prices they will go fast.


    The Layered Look: The weather in Alaska is unpredictable, so dress like an onion! Go with the “layered” look so you can peel. Standing in front of a Glacier is much like standing in front of your freezer with the door open. Tuck a pair of light gloves in your pocket!

    Sample Savings

    Cruisetours ( cruise and land tour )

    Inside staterooms from: $1375
    Brochure fare from: $2749
    You Save..... 50%!  

    Cruise Only ( 7 days - North or Southbound )

    Inside staterooms from: $499
    Brochure fare from: $1399
    You Save..... 64%!  

    Subject to availability, reservations are open to guests 21yrs. old or higher

    and are for residents of the United States and Canada only.

    Operating Hours: 9:00AM - 5:00PM Eastern Standard Time Monday-Friday. Closed Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays

    United States Dollars Shown Canadian Prices Available

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    Subject to availability, reservations are open to guests 21yrs. old or higher

    and are for residents of the United States and Canada only.

    Operating Hours: 9:00AM - 5:00PM Eastern Standard Time Monday-Friday. Closed Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.

    United States Dollars Shown Canadian Prices Available

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